Mobile Applications

The Applications Ecosystem consists of multiple functions from the operating system to the telecommunications companies. 

The general statistics mention that the apps are more frequented with a high percentage by users, rather than on websites. 

Nowadays it is difficult for a user to survive without an app, since through it he can create an experience with the product before and after acquiring it.

This gives a great advantage to merchants to be present everywhere at the same time in an accessible and personalized way to give their consumers an extraordinary experience. 

The specific apps and with simple operation have the benefit of having an easy mechanism to apply for all types of business and the most exceptional thing is that they can be programmed in a short time. 

  Mobile applications provide more unlimited opportunities to create more business, because it allows to offer valuable content, customer service and be a generator of interaction. 

 Flurry Analytics company that allows users to analyze consumer behavior through data observations conducted a study that resulted in daily users stay on their mobile 5 hours daily and the rest of the time is devoted to apps.