Become a Wisyer

Wisy contains simple and collaborative gigs to enhance the decision-making process, so that businesses may better define and faster adapt their corporate strategies based on real-time, first-hand data.  Wisyers earn an extra income by completing gigs available in the Wisy app.  All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and a bank account / electronic wallet.

How it Works

On Wisy is simple and easy.  Take a look!

Step 1

First, browse the available jobs in the Wisyer section of Wisy app; select the one that interests you and read the instructions.

Step 2

Once you qualify for the job, go ahead and do it! Make sure to complete all tasks so you can be rewarded accordingly.

Step 3

Done! You’re awesome; check regularly for new gigs and continue earning!

What kind of jobs will you find in Wisy?

Jobs will depend on the demand, but here is a briefing of the most popular type of jobs you may find in Wisy’s Earn Money Section.  They are regularly updated as business needs arise, so be sure to constantly check for new jobs.

Take pictures

Yes, jobs can be as easy as taking a picture. Using your phone’s camera, you will be asked to take a picture of specific products primarily on shelves in convenience stores.


Fill out a survey

Help businesses make informed decisions based on the feedback you provide through surveys.


Conduct audits

Go through a provided checklist to make sure procedures are being followed; it’s like being an inspector!


Categorize images

Decide if pictures match the description. It’s easy, just hit yes or no, swipe left or right; also a good way to keep your brain sharp!


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