Increase your Business Productivity

Innovate and strengthen your business.

Transform the productivity of your teams, affiliates or providers

On the Wisy platform, companies are able to use behavior design and artificial intelligence elements to deploy mobile experiences to engage with employees, customers or partners at any physical location. At the same time, collect diverse, unstructured data, including paper receipts to gain new insights that will feed into operations to drive faster and better results.

Turn Sales into Experiences

Managers are able to set goals for each sales associate supported by AI and based on individual performance, product seasonality, on-shelf availability, item velocity, sales forecast.

Increase Productivity

Behavior design models are a powerful tool to increase productivity because it challenges individuals in a friendly manner and promotes healthy competition.

Recognize Your Team

People feel rewarded for their efforts and get instant feedback for self-realization.

Reinforce Training

On-the-job training can also be provided in the form of videos and trivia. 

Gain Real-Time Insights

The Wisy dashboard combines operation and experience data to provide real-time insights at any physical location. Managers can take immediate actions to drive sales and customer satisfaction.


Strengthen Communication

Wisy allows employees to express themselves through an integrated communication channel. Through the chat, employees can make suggestions, ask for shift changes, and much more.


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