Experience Examples

Innovate with a Wisy Experience Campaign. We are the best solution in the market to bring customers closer, collect first-hand data and engage them to your brand.

Experiential Marketing

Differentiating your product and service has never been easier with Wisy. Elevate your customer experience and loyalty with a unique experiential marketing campaign on Wisy. It can be up and running in less than 1 hour to give your brand an edge.































Mystery Shopper

Keeping ahead of your competitors has never been so important. Anticipating and satisfying your customer’s needs is the name of the game.

Quickly deploy a mystery shopper campaign to collect data from your customers and competitors. Measure quality of service, validate compliance and gather specific information about products and services.
















Gamified Events

With so much disruption in the retail industry. It has never been harder to drive traffic to increase sales.

With Wisy it is easy to create experiences and reward systems for your customers, promoting engagement and loyalty to your brand.































In-Store and Online Engagement

Events are great to connect your brand with customers. Communicate directly with them and design fun experiences that will make your brand stand out.
















Retail Execution

Get more visibility of the point of purchase with our shelf analysis reports and our latest technology in image recognition to help your distributors make better decisions.