Data-driven decisions made easy

Wisy platform bridges your business with your customers preferences using human and artificial intelligence.

We believe that those who transform data into knowledge, win!

Wisy collects data about physical stores, products, prices and user preferences. Without POS integration or credit card usage, our platform processes data to indicate where and which of your products are being sold, at what price, and how they compare to other brands. Moreover, Wisy can also indicate where your product is out-of-stock, specially in smaller sized authorized distributors (such as convenience stores) where this type of information is harder to track.

Eagle Eye Research

Traditional research is slow and expensive. Wisy crowdsourcing communities give your company Eagle Eyes on data you require. 

Crowdsourcing to your advantage

The gig economy is setting a new pace for many businesses. Through Wisy jobs, people complete tasks to collect fast and reliable data.

Machine Learning and AI

Everybody is talking about Big Data, but few companies are collecting data for machine learning and AI. Wisy facilitates first-hand data collection in real-time through crowdsourcing communities.

A new generation of customers is disrupting every single industry in the world.

Connect, engage and turn the new customer into an advocate of your brand.

Create your public or private quests to engage with consumers on ”phygital” experiences and collect data.

Tell us how to help, we’d love to hear from you.