Our Culture

We believe in transforming data for consumers, business and society. At Wisy, we aim to transform consumer goods data to create opportunities everywhere.

Capture, analyze, and act on novel data to close gaps between experience and operations data through mobile technologies and AI.

Our Values

Wisy’s culture rests on our core values: integrity, excellence, innovation, resiliency, diversity, trust, and respect.  We are a multi-generational group of committed people from different backgrounds and cultures, focused on building a meaningful platform that creates value by transforming information into knowledge.


We do the right thing.


We build the business every day to benefit the community.


We consciously challenge the status quo and explore new ways to grow.


We display a sense of urgency in making things happen even in challenging circumstances.

Trust & Respect

Strong teams encourage debate in decisions.  We practice a culture of building open and honest relationships through communication.


We understand people through individual values in the globally distributed teams of today.