Our Platform

Wisy combines the power of crowdsourcing, human computation and machine learning to create value for your business.

Wisy is an end-to-end solution that does not require technical integration allowing for scalability in mature and emerging markets.

First-hand data collected through crowdsourcing & gamification

Data preparation through human computation & computer vision

Machine Learning Function through annotation, structure, modeling, prediction & data visualization

The Power of Crowdsourcing:

What Wisy Can Do


First-hand data from Wisy app users help businesses better adapt their end-to-end value chain.  Create digital intimacy by personalizing customer experience and position your brand; Wisy is a source for data-driven strategies.


Get faster results by crowdsourcing processes

Continuous Improvement

Adapt your strategy to your customer needs

Data Collection from Physical Locations

Wisy platform utilizes human computation and machine learning to process crowdsourced data points -primarily, but not limited to, images-  that help you analyze key information for your business, such as auditing your products in shelves or assessing the effectiveness of POP materials. Our platform helps you gather and process information quickly and at low cost, while providing a tool for analysis and prediction.

Fast & Easy Work

Receive hard-to-get data at lower costs and in real-time

Generate Results

Make informed decisions that aid your strategic goals

Invoice Processing

Wisy combines human computation and machine learning to process contents from invoices so that businesses can closely manage their select products; this can go from keeping track of where their products sell, at what price, and how they compare to other brands.


Reach larger sample sizes

Data analysis

See how your brand compares to stay ahead of your competition

Integration with your Systems

Already have your own app? No problem, you may expand your current capabilities for data collection and customer engagement by integrating with our SDK or API. 

Easy Integration

Use our SDK or API to connect Wisy to your system

Broaden your toolbox

Gain additional capabilities by integrating to Wisy

Collect difficult-to-get data using the power of crowdsourcing, gamification and AI



No business or data needs are too big or too small for Wisy, we are ready to support any size as our platform is flexible enough to handle small or large needs.

Reliability & Security

Wisy utilizes well-established cloud services from Amazon Web Services & Google Firebase, applying the highest standards and complying with current regulations data privacy in the US and Latin America. We are optimizing our platform to fully comply with GDPR and the upcoming CCPA.

Start today.