Fast, precise retail execution with real-time analytics and task automation

1. Flexible Data-collection Mobile Platform

Deploy a multi-platform (iOS, Android or web) mobile experience with different roles and permissions as needed. Collect only the most relevant data for your business in real time. Wisy’s lightweight mobile app allows users to easily meet all your data needs at the most remote sites. No connection? No problem, Wisy mobile technology works offline too.

2. Real-time Analytics & Alerts

Allow Wisy’s computer vision technology to process your data in real time with AI capabilities to deliver Retail Execution KPIs such as product facings, trends overtime and product benchmarks. Alerts and task automation helps reduce out-of-stocks and increase competitiveness with novel insights.

3. Task Coordination & Automation

Keep track of every streamlined assignment to ensure completion and accountability. Maintain complete control of your solution dynamics and development. Wisy’s analytics dashboard provides an overview of all actions, while facilitating fast, easy and timely actions from your side.

A Wiser Way To Transform Your