Wisy is a software platform for real-time online and offline data collection at any location using AI-driven analytics and behavioral design to empower fast, precise decisions and action across multiple industries

Creators Studio

Creators Studio: Build custom Experiences for specific cases (field services, logistics, public safety, disaster relief, brand management or retail) with our Creators Studio. Create bundles of key functionalities that can easily be deployed in all platforms (iOS, Android and web) with different roles and permissions as needed.

Data-collection App

Data Collection App: Enhance user experience, boost productivity, and obtain only the most relevant data for your business in real time. With Wisy’s lightweight mobile app users can easily meet all your data needs at the most remote sites. No connection? No problem, Wisy mobile app works offline too.

Task Manager

Task Manager: Drive productivity and automate routine tasks from the Task Manager. Keep track of every assignment in a streamlined way to ensure completion and accountability.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard: Maintain complete control of your solution dynamics and development. The Analytics Dashboard provides an overview of all actions to easily detect and prevent any incidents, allowing you to respond and adapt in a timely manner, and ultimately enhance your risk management practices to ensure smoother operations.

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