AI for retail execution.

Artificial intelligence solutions for CPG brands, distributors and retailers.

Reduce out-of-stocks with minimal deployment time.

Shelf visibility for CPG brands.
As easy as taking a picture.

Put the power of Wisy’s AI platform in the hands of your sales reps. Our app runs on mobile devices without needing an internet connection (that’s right, our solution is truly offline!)

With Wisy your team can:

  • Detect out-of-stocks: Wisy alerts your team when a product is not on the shelf.
  • Check on-shelf availability: Wisy counts the facings for each SKU.
  • Verify SKU position on the shelf: Wisy warns your team when a product is placed in the wrong position.
  • Verify prices: Wisy will verify if the product has the correct price tag.
  • Fill surveys easily: Wisy automatically fills the store visit survey, making it easy for your team to comply with your company’s retail execution guidelines.
  • View your retail execution data: Wisy provides dashboards with analytics from all your store visits.

Differentiation for distributors.
As easy as taking a picture.

Using the power of artificial intelligence Wisy can give your team shelf information in less than a second (yes, that’s correct, we work in milliseconds!)

With Wisy your team can:

  • Differentiate from the competition: Wisy gives you powerful analytics from the shelf so you can show your clients how they’re doing at the point of sale.
  • Know what’s happening at the point of sale: Wisy gives your visibility of product turnover, so you can decide which brands to focus on.
  • Reduce out-of-stocks: Wisy alerts your team of out-of-stocks per SKU, so you don’t forget to replenish!
  • Check your promotions: Wisy allows your team to quickly check the price tags of products on promotion in the store.

Easier operations for retailers.
As easy as taking a picture.

We know your staff is busy. With Wisy, they don’t have to worry about unfriendly technology, delays due to faulty internet connections, and slow apps. Just take a picture and start working (yes, it’s that easy!)

With Wisy you can:

  • Reduce out-of-stocks: Wisy alerts your team when a product is out-of-stock, so you never miss a sale!
  • Check planogram compliance: Wisy verifies that each SKU is correctly placed and has the right number of facings. Your planogram embodies your sales strategy, and we help you make sure it’s perfect.
  • Check price compliance: Wisy makes checking price tags easy so that you always have the correct price on the shelf.
  • Build your store analytics: Wisy takes care of the tedious work and transforms it into dashboards with real data from your product turnover.  
  • Easily improve your team’s performance: Wisy is easy to use, so you no longer have to worry about long learning curves when hiring new staff. Using Wisy results in improved process consistency across all your stores.

How does Wisy works?

Training of the model starts with real on-site images for each SKU.
Machine learning algorithms develop the artificial intelligence model based on the images’ data.
Once the training is finished, the model will recognize products with up to 98% accuracy.

Wisy adapts to your needs from the start.

Our platform can work as a stand-alone service or integrate with SAP C4C.

We’re SAP Silver Partners.

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