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Wisy is a software platform for real-time online and offline data collection at any location using AI-driven analytics and behavioral design to empower fast, precise decisions and action across multiple industries

The Challenge

Getting high-quality data for decision-making at physical locations remains a major challenge for companies in many industries -from construction and logistics to brands and retail- that aim to provide a better experience and better targeting.  The lack of access and connection makes it difficult to collect unstructured data and coordinate with personnel, contractors, volunteers or customers at remote sites in a timely manner to drive productivity, save lives or simply know what and when to sell.

Our Solution:
Make faster decisions with real-time data

Obtain unstructured, diverse and even paper-based data and use real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence to discover new insights to productivity, sales, and even to save lives.

Diverse Data

Any Location

Immediate Action

Closing the gap between the office and the field

Simplify communications between the office and the field with a solution that focuses on supporting workers, managing tasks and processes, and facilitating coordination with a constant feed of data to analyze and act on.

Responding in a fast and cost-effective way for the most important causes

Maintain relevant, up-to-date information to mitigate risks, minimize incidents and proactively act on collected data. 

A response when a disaster or accident strikes, or any unexpected event occurs.

Turning the retail experience into a personalized one 

Captivate customers with unique experiences while deeply learning about them to enhance product or service offerings.

Collecting data even on the most remote places


Reach places others can’t while obtaining unstructured, diverse and even paper-based data, regardless of the availability of an Internet connection. 

From the most remote and isolated communities to well connected areas.



Bringing communities together

Develop, deploy and promote sustainable development practices to address growing urbanization challenges using a solution that is geared towards Smart Cities.

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