Maximize sales and retail execution efficiency with Wisy AI.

Empower your field personnel with the newest generation of AI: human-friendly, works offline and returns results in one second.

Don’t let competitors eat your lunch.

Benefit: Visibility

Beyond shelf image recognition.
Retail reimagined.

Run smarter operations with granular analytics for a complete and updated view of each product category at the store and SKU level. A game changer for retail.

Benefit: Intelligence

Boost revenue and grow business. Tap into your untouched potential.

What is your growth potential – 1%, 10%, 100% or much more? Wisy can unlock new ways to optimize operations and increase product turnover.

Benefit: Control at scale

Revolutionize new ways to see retail in greater detail.

Enable wiser operations and category management, reduce loss and sell more effectively. Gain real-time tracking intelligence and control at scale.

Wisy Platform

Optimize your retail execution and operations with shelf data with up to 98% accuracy.

See, understand and control the full retail space. Wisy gives you a competitive advantage. Access shelf analytics, retail intelligence and task management tools 24/7.

Strategic Partners

Wisy is available in a solution ready to use, fitting the needs of any enterprise and company of all sizes.

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Take charge. Get on track
to less loss and more sales. Win big at retail.

Boost revenue and grow business. Tap into your untouched potential. The Wisy demo gives you 30 minutes of straight facts.

We will not waste your time. The Wisy Platform demo session shows you how it all works. From capturing the videos or photos from any type of product environment, and through to seeing the data made available to you in less than 30 seconds!

Wisy enables product owners to tap into their unused commercial value with it’s new ways to see retail. The demo shows how you can take full advantage of your potential for all your products on display around the world to come into the light, to be seen and be sold.

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