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Wisy is an AI-driven software platform to drive productivity with off-line data at any physical location.

The Challenge

Getting high-quality data for decision-making at physical locations remains a major challenge for companies in many industries -from consumer packaged goods (CPG) to smart waste management- that aim to provide a better experience and better targeting.  The lack of access and connection makes it difficult to collect unstructured data and coordinate with personnel, contractors, volunteers or customers at remote sites in a timely manner to drive productivity or simply know what and when to sell.

Our Solution:
Precise field execution with real-time analytics and task automation

Obtain unstructured, diverse and even paper-based data and use real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence to discover new insights to productivity, sales, and furthermore, generate global impact.

Diverse Data

Any Location

Immediate Action

Gain novel insights at any location

Collect and process unstructured data at any physical location with artificial intelligence and get real-time alerts to drive productivity and sales.  Wisy works even at remote locations where there is no Internet or satellite connection. 

Coordinate with internal or external staff

Engage employees, contractors, and even store owners for data collection and task coordination.  Wisy is a flexible, secure, and scalable to solution.

Act faster anywhere 

Drive employee or contractor productivity with task automation to reduce stockouts.  See instant results in any language with Wisy’s end-to-end solution from data to action, or integrate with existing enterprise solutions.

Engage internal and external stakeholders


Deploy a “white label” mobile app for your brand to engage with sales people, merchandisers, brokers and even store owners for data collection and task coordination.



Collect unstructured data and receive real-time analytics

Process product and shelf images with computer vision to discover retail execution insights such as out-of-stock, product rotation and benchmark over time.

Automate tasks to reduce out-of-stocks


Program alerts and task automation around new insights.  Reduce out-of-stocks by coordinating internal or external staff at any location. 



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