We envision an
inclusive and sustainable
world for all.

We help the consumer packaged goods industry to be more efficient by reducing out-of-stocks and waste through artificial intelligence and to increase wellbeing for all people by contributing to ensure the availability of daily-life products.

A new standard for CPGs.
A win-win for everyone.

Excellence system

We contribute to the stakeholder economy by creating and sharing value through our innovation for the CPG and Retail industries as well as for their customers.

Inclusion and diversity

We innovate to improve workplace conditions and performance of staff working remotely by developing AI assisted task management and accessible technology.


We create impact by connecting retailers and brands so they can share the value of data and increase their overall operations efficiency.


We provide tools to ensure availability of products on display so that consumers find what they need.

Strategic Partners

Wisy is available in a solution ready to use, fitting the needs of any enterprise and company of all sizes.


Merit and Recognition

Wisy has gained support and success for its innovative technology solution through accelerator programs and recognition.


Diversified experience. Results oriented. Sustainable vision.