Infografía de Wisy por Info-Tech

«Wisy es una solución de IA recomendada para el reconocimiento de imágenes para proveedores y minoristas de bienes de consumo». Así resume el valor de Wisy Robert Garmaise, vicepresidente de investigación de IA en Info-Tech Research Group. Info-Tech otorgó a Wisy un NPS de 9.5/10. La infografía resume el caso de negocio de Wisy, el … Continued

¿Qué tienen en común las mejores empresas de consumo masivo? 

Great companies are using retail execution to outperform the competition. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are going through a transformation. Unforeseen worldwide events and changes in the technological and societal landscape are changing consumers’ behaviors and, in turn, are altering business as usual for the CPG industry. As a customer-centric industry, the CPG sector is … Continued

¿Es momento de adoptar la inteligencia artificial? 

The answer might be yes for CPG companies and retailers. We are in the current rise of an innovation wave of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We already encounter them in our daily lives: Alexa and Siri, booking platforms, translation services, voice-to-text capabilities, Netflix and Youtube recommendation algorithms, and the increasing use of intelligent chatbots for … Continued