Wisy Platform

Optimize your retail execution and operations with shelf data with up to 98% accuracy.

Wisy gives you a competitive advantage by working everywhere, with no connection needed, with ease, so a new user can utilize the data and hit the ground running.

Benefit 1

Tap into your
full potential

Gain detailed visibility and understanding of your products performance on shelves. From out-of-stocks, on-shelf-availability, share-of-shelf to assortment planning and demand forecasting, take advantage of rich real-time analytics.

Benefit 2

Increase 1%, 10%, 100%
much more.

On average, companies have 8.5% of out-of-stocks costing millions in lost sales. Act timely to reduce loss and optimize product performance at point-of-sales with rich and accurate data.

Benefit 3

Get insight to small details.
Spot big opportunities.

Gain instant visibility at any location, at any time for any category. Wisy enables you to scale seamlessly while getting granular data at the SKU and store level to uncover big opportunities.

Benefit 4

Upgrade to intelligent retail.
Industry leading accuracy.

Why run your retail execution and operations in black & white text and deferred mode. Wisy provides seamless data capture and visual powerful analytics to run retail wisely.

Benefit 5

Implement easily.
Move forward wisely.

Wisy 4.0 technology provides faster machine learning and artificial intelligence processing time for smooth implementation and fast results.

Benefit 6

Elevate your operations
 novel actionable data.

Get ready to operate like never before with broad visibility, deep intelligence, and tight coordination.

Win big at retail.

Tap into your untouched potential. Our 30- minute demo will show how Wisy can unlock new revenue and grow your business.

Our straightforward demo will show you how fast, easy and valuable Wisy is. You’ll see how your field staff can go from scanning a product environment to unlocking usable data within 30 seconds.

Retail intelligence that works everywhere.

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