What Do Great CPG Companies Have in Common?

Great companies are using retail execution to outperform the competition. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are going through a transformation. Unforeseen worldwide events and changes in the technological and societal landscape are changing consumers’ behaviors and, in turn, are altering business as usual for the CPG industry. As a customer-centric industry, the CPG sector is … Continued

Should You Get Into AI Now? 

The answer might be yes for CPG companies and retailers. We are in the current rise of an innovation wave of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We already encounter them in our daily lives: Alexa and Siri, booking platforms, translation services, voice-to-text capabilities, Netflix and Youtube recommendation algorithms, and the increasing use of intelligent chatbots for … Continued

Is the Great Resignation riding on a bigger wave?

Is the pandemic the only reason the Great Resignation is happening now? It was quite a surprise to find the quit rate spiking after the most challenging part of the pandemic was over. Since 2000, when the U.S. Labour Bureau of Statistics started recording the quit rate, it had never gone up just after a … Continued