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Wisy showcased at Nasdaq Tower in Times Square

Wisy is recognized as a Nasdaq Milestone Maker. Wisy has created technology to help companies adapt to new ways of doing business in times of COVID-19.

New York, June 3, 2020. This week, the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square woke up illuminated with the image of Min Chen, founder and CEO of Wisy. Chen was chosen to participate in the Nasdaq Milestone Maker 2020 program, a unique program in the world that seeks to highlight select entrepreneurs who through their trajectory have contributed to solving global problems. The program ends with the projection of the entrepreneurs in the Nasdaq Tower.

As Min Chen comments, “Being a Nasdaq entrepreneur positioned Wisy in the global leagues and, on a personal level, deepened my understanding of the role that I should play as a woman in the field of technology. It has been a great milestone that confirms our value in supporting companies to serve families around the world. “

Since its creation in 2016, Wisy set the goal of reaching Silicon Valley and a few years later, in 2018, it operates from its headquarters in California where it has managed to consolidate itself as a global venture that serves companies on different continents.

Wisy’s vision is to create technology solutions to solve global problems. In these moments of crisis, in which the world changed overnight, companies have had to adapt to new commercial realities, but most were not prepared to continue operating and offer their products through new channels. Many companies do not have online services or cannot handle orders and deliveries efficiently.

Wisy has responded to the growing concern around the world to obtain essential products, from food to medicines, in a safe and timely manner, supporting businesses to improve their service, protect their customers and their staff. Wisy’s technology enables companies to handle high volumes of orders, coordinate remotely with their staff, automate tasks with artificial intelligence and keep the customer informed. According to Chen, “In this way we help families receive their essential products quickly, safely and at reasonable prices.”

As a result of its value proposition to solve global problems, Wisy has been recognized by Silicon Valley’s most prestigious innovation programs such as Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, SAP.iO, Plug and Play, and Nasdaq Milestone Maker.

Wisy plans to continue developing technology that will transform the way we work, collaborate and serve the societies of the future. To do this, its team assesses the current and future needs of society and works closely with its clients to co-innovate, and to create social and economic well-being.