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Wisy Joins the NVIDIA Inception Program

Exciting news! Wisy has joined the NVIDIA Inception program! The NVIDIA Inception program is an accelerator program designed to support startups and entrepreneurs who are focused on developing AI and data science-related technologies. It provides various resources, including technical assistance, networking opportunities, and access to NVIDIA’s hardware and software tools, to help these startups grow and succeed in their respective fields.

NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang predicts a revolution in enterprise platforms driven by AI agents. Wisy’s on-device AI is firmly positioned as an enabler of the AI revolution for our platform partners, such as SAP. Wisy’s technology optimizes retail execution by automating surveys and capturing hundreds of data points with just a few images, boosting efficiency by at least 25%. We’re thrilled to be pioneers in the AI revolution and look forward to providing even more value to our customers and partners.