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Wisy Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

  • Wisy, the fastest AI vision solution for CPGs and retailers, launches on Google Cloud Marketplace, expanding its reach to Google’s extensive customer network.
  • Wisy’s inclusion on Google’s marketplace platform aligns with Google’s expansion into CPG and retail sectors, offering customers access to advanced AI vision technology.
  • Wisy’s proprietary AI vision technology streamlines in-store inspections, offering real-time insights and operational efficiency for consumer goods companies and retailers, revolutionizing productivity in the industry.

San Francisco, California. May 3, 2024. Wisy, the fastest AI vision solution for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and retailers is excited to announce its launch on Google Cloud Marketplace. Wisy is now available to Google’s extensive customer network, bringing unprecedented opportunities to integrate cutting-edge AI vision technology into their operations.

Joining the marketplace came as an exciting opportunity as part of Wisy’s increasing collaboration with Google: Wisy was accelerated in AI/ML in 2020 as part of a Google for Startups program and received funding in 2023. 

The Google Cloud Marketplace is an online platform where customers can discover, purchase, and deploy a wide range of cloud-based solutions and services endorsed by Google. It enhances vendor reach and visibility while offering customers mature, integrated, secure applications tailored to their business needs. 

Google began expanding its service offering to CPGs and retail in early 2023. Wisy’s addition to the marketplace platform complements Google’s strategy and broadens the reach for consumers who also need an on-device solution beyond the platform, particularly to industries like CPG and retail, which have been overlooked in this AI revolution.

“Wisy adds value with a new generation of AI technology specifically designed for sales-focused field operations, which support the most critical process for CPGs and retailers,” said Min Chen, Wisy’s CEO. “Joining Google Marketplace is part of our strategy to revolutionize the consumer goods industry with AI. Now Google’s customers can benefit from acquiring Wisy’s services through the Google Marketplace platform, simplifying their contracting and billing processes.”

Wisy’s flexible solution automates complex and diverse business cases and makes it easy for a company to scale across brands, categories, and markets. Its breakthrough technology works on-device, making it perfect for field teams because it doesn’t rely on internet connectivity to work, produces instantaneous results, and reduces operational costs because it runs entirely on mobile devices.

Wisy has been recognized by prestigious innovation programs such as SAP.iO, Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, Stanford LBAN, Plug and Play, and the Nvidia Inception program. Its customer-centric platform has flying reviews in G2 and an NPS of 9.5, according to Info-Tech’s independent study. Wisy’s accolades include technical and industry endorsements in publications such as IEEE Spectrum, Business Insider, and Forbes, alongside industry awards like Audience Choice at Grocery Shop and Cloud Wars Startup of the Year.

“AI vision is the future for CPGs and retail,” said Min. “Joining Google Cloud Marketplace is a significant step forward in our commitment to revolutionize productivity and drive bottom-line impact in these sectors through AI technology.”

About Wisy:

Wisy is a Silicon Valley AI company that provides services to the consumer goods and retail industries. Wisy’s AI platform automates store inspections using image recognition, resulting in increased operational efficiency and actionable store-level intelligence for brands, food brokers, distributors, and retailers. Wisy saves countless manual data entry and processing hours, enabling field teams to spend time SELLING, not counting products on shelves.