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Wisy on NRF Retail’s Big Show 2023

Wisy technology is presented at the National Retail Federation 2023 in New York.

  • SAP will integrate Wisy technology into its ERP solution presented during the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2023.
  • Wisy’s Artificial Intelligence and image recognition technology seeks to transform the consumer goods and retail industries.
  • The event gathers transformative technological solutions that help optimize and accelerate retail business operations.
  • The NRF is the world’s largest retail association, and its exhibition brings together solution providers and retailers.

San Francisco California. January 16, 2023. SAP, the world leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, is present at NRF 2023 with a demonstration of its planning solutions that incorporate Wisy technology.

Wisy’s technology solves a costly problem for the retail and CPG industry: the lack of real-time shelf information to replace counting and manual errors at the point of sale. Using a combination of image recognition and Wisy’s artificial intelligence platform, users get real-time analysis, recommendations, and insights on how to optimize point-of-sale execution.

Wisy’s technological breakthrough brings the power of AI processing in the cloud to an application on a mobile device. Retail teams no longer need to rely on the cloud to use this powerful AI technology. The app itself has the power to process data and produce results in milliseconds without connecting to the internet.

SAP is one of the main sponsors of the event and a key player in the retail industry for its digital platform to manage and automate business processes. Its enterprise planning tools (ERP) solutions are used worldwide, especially in the consumer goods and retail industries.

The retail and consumer goods industry has been profoundly affected by COVID-19, and its transformation required the accelerated development of innovative technologies and new business models. Wisy’s AI platform optimizes execution for CPG and retail companies, enabling them to leverage robust real-time analytics for stock-outs, availability and on-shelf disposition, assortment planning, and demand projections.

Wisy’s vision is to transform the retail and consumer goods industry and make it more efficient. Wisy has been recognized by the most prestigious innovation programs in Silicon Valley such as Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, SAP.iO, Plug and Play, Nasdaq Milestone Maker, the Google Accelerator program, and the SLEI-Ed program with Stanford University. The Wisy team assesses the current and future needs of society and works closely with its clients to co-innovate and create social and economic well-being.

Ricardo Chen, Wisy’s CTO, getting ready for SAP and Wisy’s joint demo.

Wisy team on NRF 2023: Ricardo Chen, Wisy’s CTO, and Orlando Reyes, Wisy’s VP of Sales.


About Wisy:

Wisy is a high-tech company created in 2017 in the City of Knowledge, Panama with headquarters in Silicon Valley that supports companies that manufacture or sell products for mass consumption to transform their business towards the new economy through artificial intelligence. Since 2018, Wisy has established its headquarters in California, United States, from where it has managed to consolidate itself as a global company that serves companies on different continents.