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Wisy participates in a “Shark Reef” in Las Vegas and wins the audience award

Min Chen, CEO of Wisy, presented before a panel of experts at the “Shark Reef” Startup Pitch, the premier event for the consumer goods and retail industry. Wisy won the Audience Choice award given by the audience to the Startup that presents the best solution to the needs of companies in the consumer product good industry and supermarkets. The event organizers selected Wisy for being a resilient, agile, and visionary company.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, September 28, 2021. From September 19 to 22, Min Chen, CEO and Orlando Reyes, VP of Global Sales of Wisy participated in the “Groceryshop 2021” in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the main event of the consumer goods and retail industry that brought together more than 2,000 leaders to share ideas and technology innovations for the industry.

Wisy was selected to participate in this event for being a resilient, agile and visionary company that has transformed the expectations of its customers and has helped the consumer goods and retail industry to be more efficient. Through access to data analysis tools, Wisy’s technology enables customers to take advantage of robust real-time analytics for stock-outs, product availability and on-shelf arrangement, assortment planning, and on-demand projections.

According to the Coresight Research team, organizers of the event, Wisy has “the characteristics that we look for in the companies that we invite to participate in the 2021 edition of Groceryshop since, more than ever, the industry needs these attributes and this vision.”

The audience considered the following characteristics in choosing Wisy as the winning startup: how big is the problem Wisy solves, how robust is its business model, how scalable is its proposition, and how much trust does the Wisy team generate in achieving their goals.

The consumer goods and retail industry were deeply impacted by COVID-19, and its transformation required the accelerated development of innovative technologies and new business models. Wisy’s platform optimizes the execution of retail and operations, enables the reduction of stockouts and losses through artificial intelligence, while helping to increase the well-being of the entire society by contributing to ensure the availability of products for daily use.

Min Chen commented that “having been chosen to participate in the main event of the mass consumer industry, and to receive the award from the audience, is a clear sign that through our retail intelligence platform, at Wisy we are solving a big problem that the industry faces.”

Other presenters at the event represented global companies such as Amazon, Anheuser-Busch, Google, McKinsey & Company, Nielsen IQ, P&G, Unilever, among others. Orlando Reyes added that “this event allowed Wisy to establish connections with the largest retailers and largest brands in the industry and to showcase Wisy’s innovative technology.” This technology platform offers a growth opportunity of $ 1.9 billion for the consumer products and retail industry.

Wisy’s vision is to create technology solutions to solve global problems and as a result of its value proposition, Wisy has been recognized by Silicon Valley’s most prestigious innovation programs such as Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, SAP.iO, Plug and Play, Nasdaq Milestone Maker, Google Accelerator program, and the SLEI-Ed program with Stanford University. Wisy’s team assesses the current and future needs of society and works closely with its clients to co-innovate, and to create social and economic well-being.