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Wisy: The AI Behind Marea Verde’s Project

September 23, 2022. Wisy’s powerful artificial intelligence technology for CPGs is helping Marea Verde gain insights into the discarded plastic packaging that pollutes the Juan Diaz river of Panama City. The project is funded by the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory and The Coca-Cola Foundation.

Many products that start their lives on the shelves end up clogging rivers in urban areas. Marea Verde chose Wisy’s technology because of its portability and advanced computer vision features that recognize these discarded products in real time and provide insightful information.

The video shows how it works: a cell phone running Wisy’s cutting-edge AI model uses computer vision to identify and categorize the waste collected by conveyor belt. The data is then sent to Wisy’s online dashboards that synthesize information about the waste.

The project launch event was attended by international organizations, special guests, and Panamanian authorities.

Wisy’s vision is to improve the well-being of families everywhere by servicing the CPG and retail industries with innovative solutions that enable efficient and sustainable operations. Wisy is proud to be a part of this project, which is a step towards the sustainability of the consumer goods sector.