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Wisy wins first place in the Innpacta Innovation Challenge in Chile

Wisy is chosen as the winner of the Innpacta Regional Open Innovation Challenge of the Compañía de las Cervecerías Unidas (CCU) of Chile. The organizers of the event selected Wisy for presenting the most innovative solution among 90 startups and entrepreneurs in the world.

San Francisco, CA, USA, January 24, 2022. Wisy has been selected among more than 90 participating startups in CCU Chile’s Innpacta program. This program, in the form of corporate venturing, seeks to identify the best startups in the world that have designed new responses for the future of the beverage industry and its stages in the value chain. As the winner, Wisy will have the opportunity to make a pilot of its Artificial Intelligence platform with CCU. Additionally, it will have the possibility of being included in the startup portfolio of ChileGlobal Ventures – Fundación Chile’s venture capital area.

INNPACTA, Regional Open Innovation Challenge, is a CCU program that seeks to create competitive advantages through the incorporation of high-impact technologies that improve the experience of its workers, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Min Chen, CEO of Wisy, commented that “for Wisy it is an honor to have been selected as the winner of the Innpacta CCU program. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for families around the world by revolutionizing the consumer goods industry through artificial intelligence. This award is the beginning of a collaboration with CCU, a leading company in Latin America that seeks to serve its consumers even better with innovation. We look forward to this exciting journey with CCU.”

Wisy was selected to participate in this challenge for its vision to transform the consumer goods and retail industry and make it more efficient. Through access to data analytics tools, Wisy’s technology enables CPGs to take advantage of robust real-time analytics for out of stocks, shelf availability and disposition, assortment planning and demand forecasts.

According to a press release from CCU, Martín Rodríguez Guiraldes, Transformation Manager, commented “we are very happy with the results of this first cycle of the sixth version of the contest. At CCU, innovation is a central part of the company’s strategy, and we want to promote collaborative work with startups. We believe Wisy can bring a high-value solution to CCU and our customers.” In the same line, Francisca Contreras, Corporate Business Associate of ChileGlobal Ventures, said that “today we are very happy to close the first cycle of Discovery & Validate with CCU. This new corporate scouting methodology has allowed us to identify multiple disruptive innovations from around the world, which will undoubtedly accelerate the company’s value capture. This experience is clearly an evolution on working with innovation challenges and demonstrates the maturity that CCU’s alliance with CGV has reached. Having a value proposition capable of attracting global startups opens great expectations for our second cycle that will begin in February, and we already invite the best startups to participate.”

CCU is a Chilean-based beverage company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of $3.12 billion. The company manufactures and sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and other non-alcoholic beverages. By adopting Wisy platforms, CCU and other industry companies will increase demand forecasting accuracy for these categories by reducing out-of-stocks and increasing customer satisfaction.

The consumer goods and retail industry were deeply impacted by COVID-19, and its transformation required the accelerated development of innovative technologies and new business models. Wisy’s platform optimizes the execution of retail and operations, allows the reduction of out of stocks and losses through artificial intelligence, while helping to increase the well-being of the entire society by helping to ensure the availability of products for use. newspaper.

Wisy’s vision is to create technological solutions to solve global problems and because of its value proposition Wisy has been recognized by the most prestigious innovation programs in Silicon Valley such as Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, SAP.iO, Plug and Play, Nasdaq Milestone Maker, Google Accelerator program and the SLEI-Ed program with Stanford University. Wisy’s team evaluates the current and future needs of society and works closely with its clients to co-innovate, and to create social and economic well-being.