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Wisy’s breakthrough: a game-changer innovation for CPG and retail industries

Wisy achieves a technological leap with its in-app AI that works without an internet connection.

  • Wisy’s technological breakthrough brings the power of AI cloud processing into an app.
  • Retail execution teams no longer need to depend on the cloud to use AI’s powerful technology.

San Francisco, CA, USA, April 4th, 2022. Wisy announced today its new technological leap to further revolutionize the CPG industry and retailers through its artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

Wisy is an AI platform for retail execution that helps CPG brands and retailers reduce out-of-stocks, a long-standing trillion-dollar problem in the industry.

Current AI solutions for retail execution rely on cloud platforms due to AI’s resource-intensive processing. Internet connection then becomes a critical point of failure: a faulty connection can bring retail operations to a halt.

Many vendors offer “offline solutions,” but they don’t actually work offline. What they do is save the data for later processing until the connection is reestablished.

Wisy’s new in-app AI allows users to process data without an internet connection. The app itself has the power to process data and produce results in milliseconds without connecting to the internet. Users will get in-flight analytics no matter where they are in the store.

This technological breakthrough is critical for retail operations because internet connection is not ubiquitous, contrary to what’s expected in our modern times. Sales representatives and managers need to work in the back of the store, in basements, or inside concrete buildings that make mobile reception difficult. Even with great reception, there is always the risk of an outage from cloud providers.

Retail execution is vital to the CPG industry and retailers since it directly impacts sales. With Wisy’s in-app AI, our clients can rest assured that their teams have a reliable tool to support their work no matter the store’s location.

Shelf visibility has been a long-desired feature of AI solutions, but connectivity problems held back its adoption. Wisy’s breakthrough clears the way for companies that want to adopt AI and also improve their operational performance.

“In-app AI is a technological leap that will enable the CPG industry to fully embrace this new generation of solutions,” Min Chen, CEO of Wisy, said. “Poor connectivity in stores is an ongoing challenge for field personnel in any country, but cloud-based AI solutions cannot overcome this market condition. Creating this technology breakthrough was critical for Wisy and our customers, and we will continue to create innovative products that are wise and easy to adopt.”

COVID-19 deeply impacted the consumer goods and retail industry. A transformation of the sector requires the accelerated development of innovative technologies and new business models. Wisy’s platform optimizes the execution of retail and operations and allows the reduction of out-of-stocks through artificial intelligence, ensuring the availability of daily-use products.

Wisy’s vision is to improve the well-being of families everywhere by servicing the CPG and retail industries with innovative solutions that enable efficient and sustainable operations. Leaders in the industry have recognized Wisy’s value proposition. In 2022, Wisy won first place in CCU’s Chile Innpacta Innovation Challenge. In 2021 Wisy won the Audience Choice award at Groceryshop and was among the top startups in the Woodside Capital’s Computer Vision in Retail report. Wisy has also been recognized by the most prestigious innovation programs in Silicon Valley, such as Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, SAP.iO, Plug and Play, Nasdaq Milestone Maker, Google Accelerator program, and the SLEI-Ed program with Stanford University.