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Wisy on the Cloud Wars Live Podcast

September 20, 2022. Bob Evans, Acceleration Economy Co-Founder, interviewed Min Chen, Wisy’s CEO, for the Cloud Wars Live podcast.

Min and Bob discussed the digital revolution brought by artificial intelligence from a business perspective and how these innovations are changing the CPG and retail industries.

“Wisy is solving a problem beyond inventory management,” Min said. “We are solving retail execution, which is the last step, and it is called in the industry The Moment of Truth. If the shopper doesn’t see the product on the shelf, then the product will not be bought; so that last step in the whole supply chain process is what we’re solving.”

Min went further on to explain how Wisy helps its customers: “We give tools to the field representatives of the brands or their agencies to take pictures instead of eyeballing and counting items on the shelf, which takes them on average 20 minutes. These are very repetitive tasks that computer vision can do for them.”

Min also explained how improving the operational efficiency of the workforce was only one layer of Wisy’s benefits. Wisy can not only provide operational KPIs but strategic KPIs:

“So, for example, Wisy can help them understand beyond their products. What competitor products are in the same category? What are the new competitors coming into this category? And what niche brands, which is a huge trend, are growing faster than established brands? Wisy can get all this intelligence from the same picture the person took to do their job better.”

Bob ended the interview by asking Min about Wisy’s technological breakthrough and the importance it has to speed mass-market computer vision adoption: 

“Computer vision has been around since the 60s,” Min said, “but it was first invented for robots. It doesn’t work without a computer and the internet, but now, we have made that happen! You can use computer vision in any mid-range smartphone. We have literally put the power of AI in the palms of these people’s hands.”

Acceleration Economy analyzes trends in digital transformation and provides technological insights for business leaders. We would like to thank Acceleration Economy for this great interview.